Standard DateTime Formatting In DateTimeForma­tInfo there are defined standard patterns for the current culture. For example property ShortTimePattern is string that contains value h:mm tt for en-US culture and value HH:mm for de-DE culture. Following table shows patterns defined in DateTimeForma­tInfo and their values for en-US culture. First column contains format specifiers… Read More »

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MVC Download File and View

결과 : Download File Download a copy of Hegel (pdf)

MVC routing-8

결과 : [controller] replacement token examples •/ •/home/ •/home/about •/about

MVC routing-7

결과 : [controller] replacement token examples •/ •/home/ •/home/about •/about

MVC routing-1

결과 : Hello World The following links call the same controller and action. •/ •/home •/home/index 동일 :

MVC hello-world

결과 : Hello World



visual studio 2017 net core 설치

1. 사이트 2. 다운로드 및 설치 3. 설치중 4.  Net core 프로그램  선택 후 설치 5. 설치중


결과 : Parsing Raw Query String •?name=anne •?name=anne&name=mishkind •?age=25&smart=true •?country=zambia&country=senegal&country= •? Query String name = anne,mishkind


결과 : /greet?greetings=hello-world&origin=cairo